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Personalized Christmas gifts: Personal gift ideas for Christmas - the guide


Christmas is approaching and the search for the perfect gift begins. Finding a gift that comes from the heart and shows how much the person means to you is sometimes not that easy. At Famwalls we believe that nothing is as special as personalized Christmas gifts. They are not only unique but also have a personal touch that makes them unforgettable.

We give you an overview of the best personalized gift ideas, answer frequently asked questions and share a DIY tutorial with you. Let's find the perfect Christmas present together!

Top 10 gift ideas from Famwalls

The choice of personalized Christmas gifts can be overwhelming, but don't worry, we've done the work for you and rounded up the best picks for this festive season:

  1. "Our Special Date" calendar poster : A wonderful Christmas gift that highlights your special date. Perfect to revive your anniversaries or other special moments during the contemplative days.

  2. Poster "Lovestory" : Tell your winter love story in a unique design. A real eye-catcher in series design under the Christmas tree!

  3. Photo poster "Papa Definition" : The perfect Christmas gift to show your father how much he means to you.

  4. Photo poster "Mama Definition" : A loving gift for Christmas that shows your mother how special she is.

  5. "Family" poster : A festive gift that brings the whole family together and records your names on a shared poster.

  6. Photo poster “Favorite Song” : Immortalize your shared song in a stylish design and add your favorite picture.

  7. Acrylic glass "Lovestory" series cover : A modern touch for your love story that is reminiscent of cold winter evenings cozy at home.

  8. Heart Map Poster : Show where your heart is this Christmas with this personalized map.

  9. Photo poster "Our Date" : Another beautiful gift that captures special moments and immortalizes your day together.

  10. Love Calendar Calendar Poster : Mark your date on a calendar that captures the festive spirit of December.

These are just a few of the many great personalized Christmas gift ideas we offer at Famwalls. Each of these gifts can be customized to make them truly unique and spread Christmas cheer.

DIY tutorial: Upgrade a personalized Christmas gift

A personalized poster from Famwalls is already a wonderful gift. But how about enhancing it even further with a personal touch? Here is a simple DIY tutorial to turn your Famwalls poster into a special Christmas gift:


  • Your personalized one Famwalls poster

  • A blank wooden picture frame (matching the poster size) - also available from famwalls

  • Acrylic paints (Christmas colors like red, green, gold)

  • Paint brush

  • Small Christmas decorations (e.g. stars, glitter, small Christmas trees)

  • Wrapping paper and ribbon

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Preparation : Cover your work area with newspaper. Have all materials ready.

  2. Painting : Paint the wooden frame with your chosen acrylic paint. Red or green are classic Christmas colors, but you can also try other colors or patterns.

  3. Decorate : Before the paint dries completely, sprinkle some glitter on it. Then glue small Christmas decorations such as stars or small Christmas trees onto the frame.

  4. Frame Poster : Place your Famwalls poster in the painted and decorated frame.

  5. Wrapping : Wrap the framed print in festive wrapping paper and tie a ribbon around it.

  6. Gifting : Your personalized Famwalls poster, finished with a personal touch, is now ready to be given as a gift!

With this DIY tutorial, your Famwalls poster will become an even more personal and warm Christmas gift. Not only does it show that you put some thought into it but also that you took the time to create something special.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about personalized Christmas gifts

How long does it take to deliver a personalized poster from Famwalls? Delivery time may vary depending on the season, but typically you should receive your personalized poster within 3-7 business days of ordering. During the holiday season, we recommend ordering a little earlier to ensure your gift arrives on time.

Can I see my design before ordering? Yes, at Famwalls you have the option to preview your design before completing your order. This way you can make sure everything is perfect!

Can I change the poster later? Once the order is completed, no changes can be made. Therefore, it is important to check all details before ordering.

How are the posters packaged? Our posters are carefully rolled and shipped in sturdy mailing tubes to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. If you purchase a frame, your poster will arrive at your home fully framed.

Can I return or exchange a poster? Unfortunately, as these are personalized products, they cannot be returned or exchanged unless there is a manufacturing defect.

Gift ideas for different relationships

Christmas is the celebration of love and each of us has special people in our lives that we want to show our appreciation to. Here are some personalized Christmas gift ideas from Famwalls tailored to different relationships:

1. Personalized Christmas gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend: A Poster "Love Story" tells your shared story and is a romantic memory of your time together.

2. Personalized Christmas Gift for Parents: The Poster "Family" unites the whole family and is a sign of togetherness.

3. Personalized Christmas gift for your best friend: A Photo poster "Favorite song" Your shared song brings back old memories and shows how much your friendship means to you.

4. Personalized Christmas Gift for Grandma and Grandpa: The Photo poster "Grandma Definition" and "Grandpa Definition" show how special they are in your life.

5. Personalized Christmas gift for colleagues or employees: The Photo poster “Heart person definition” is a stylish addition to any workplace and shows your appreciation.

With these personalized gift ideas from Famwalls, you can be sure that your gift will be remembered and show the recipient how much they mean to you.

Why personalized gifts?

Christmas is not only a time of giving, but also of showing how much we appreciate our loved ones. And what could be more personal and thoughtful than a bespoke gift made specifically for someone? Here are some reasons why personalized gifts are the perfect choice for the holidays:

1. Uniqueness: Every personalized gift is unique. It shows that you took the time to choose something special and unique for the recipient.

2. Emotional Value: Personalized gifts often carry a special meaning. They can reflect memories, special moments, or shared experiences that you both share.

3. For every occasion: Whether birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas - a personalized gift always fits. It shows that you've put some thought into it.

4. Longevity: While other gifts can be forgotten over time, personalized gifts are often kept and treasured because they carry a personal touch.

5. Shows Appreciation: A customized gift shows that you've put in the effort and that you really care about the recipient.

At Famwalls we understand the value of personalized gifts and offer a variety of options to give your loved ones a special treat this Christmas.

Tips for the perfect personalized gift

Finding the perfect personalized gift can sometimes be a challenge. But with a little thought and planning, you can ensure your gift will be a hit. Here are some tips to choose the perfect personalized Christmas gift:

1. Know the taste of the recipient: Before choosing a personalized gift, think about what the recipient likes. For example, a poster with a favorite quote or song can be very well received.

2. Quality matters: A personalized gift should be of high quality so that it lasts a long time. At Famwalls we attach great importance to high-quality materials and printing techniques.

3. Order early: Since personalized gifts are specially made, it is advisable to order them well in advance especially during the Christmas season.

4. Think about what has lasting value: A gift that will be treasured for years, like a personalized poster that captures special moments, is often a good choice.

5. Packaging is important: A beautifully packaged gift always makes an impression. Think about how you want to present your personalized gift to make it even more special.

With these tips and the selection of personalized gift options at Famwalls, you can be sure that your Christmas gift will be remembered and enjoyed.

Conclusion: The magic of personalized Christmas gifts

Christmas is a special time when we want to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them. A personalized Christmas gift, be it for your girlfriend, boyfriend, parents or best friend, stands out from conventional gifts and has a special, personal touch.