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The ultimate guide to personalized cash gifts

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Cash gifts have always been a popular and practical gift idea. They offer the recipient the freedom to choose something themselves and at the same time the giver is assured that the gift will be well received. But how can you make a monetary gift particularly personal and unique? The answer lies in personalization.

At famwalls, we have made it our mission to take monetary gifts to a new level. With creative designs, individual customization options and a large selection for every occasion, we turn a simple gift of money into an unforgettable experience. In this guide, we take you on a journey through the world of personalized cash gifts and show you how you can bring great joy with little effort.

Occasions for monetary gifts

Cash gifts are not only practical, but also versatile. They suit almost every occasion and can be individually designed. Here are some of the most popular occasions when monetary gifts are often given:

  • Wedding: A wedding is a special moment in the lives of two people. Wedding gifts of money are a wonderful way to give the bride and groom a good start to their life together. Whether for the honeymoon, furnishing your shared home or simply as a token of appreciation - a lovingly designed wedding gift is always well received.

  • Birthday: No matter whether it's an 18th, 30th or 60th birthday - monetary gifts are always a good choice. Cash gifts are ideal, especially for big birthdays, when you want something bigger or have a special wish.

  • Travel: Who doesn't love traveling and discovering new places? A travel-themed cash gift can be used for an upcoming trip, a weekend trip or simply as a little extra for your next vacation.

  • Christmas: The festival of love is also the time of giving. If you don't know exactly what to get your loved ones for Christmas, a gift of money is always a safe choice. With a personal touch and creative packaging, it becomes a special highlight under the Christmas tree.

Creative ideas for wrapping cash gifts

A monetary gift doesn't have to be boring or impersonal. With a little creativity and the right materials, you can turn a simple envelope into a real work of art. Here are some ideas on how you can package monetary gifts attractively and also make crafts for mom and dad or for a wedding:

  • Money in a picture frame: Buy a nice picture frame and place the money between two transparent sheets. Decorate the frame with small accessories or a nice saying. This means that the gift of money becomes a decorative element at the same time.

  • Money in a Balloon: Fill a clear balloon with confetti and the money. The recipient has to pop the balloon to get the money - a fun and unexpected surprise!

  • Money in the book: Get an old book and cut a rectangular hole in the middle of the pages. Put the money in and close the book. A literary surprise!

  • Money in a jar: Fill a mason jar with sand or small stones and hide the money inside. Decorate the jar with a bow and a label. Ideal for travel-themed cash gifts.

  • Origami with money: Fold the money into small works of art like birds, hearts or flowers. A creative and artistic way to give away money.

Sayings and messages for money gifts

A gift of money becomes even more valuable with a personal message or a suitable saying. It shows the recipient that you have put some thought into it and that the gift comes from the heart. Here are some short sayings you can add to a monetary gift to make it more personal:

  1. "A small contribution to big dreams."
  2. "Because you deserve to treat yourself to something nice!"
  3. "For all the things you wish for but never say."
  4. "A little paper luck for you."
  5. "Money alone doesn't make you happy, but it opens doors to your dreams."
  6. "For what's on your secret wish list."
  7. "A little treasure for a big moment."
  8. "Because sometimes you just need a little something extra."

Personalized cash gifts at famwalls

At famwalls we offer you a unique selection of personalized cash gifts that will make every heart beat faster:

Each of our products is designed with attention to detail and offers you the opportunity to celebrate special moments in life in a special way.


Cash gifts are much more than just an envelope with banknotes. They are a way to express love, appreciation and good wishes. With the right ideas and a personal touch, they become a gift that will be remembered. At famwalls we offer you the opportunity to take monetary gifts to a new level. With our personalized products you can make special moments in your loved ones' lives even more special. No matter whether it's a wedding, birthday or school enrolment, we have the right gift for every occasion. Get inspired and make your next gift of money an unforgettable experience!